10 Reasons You Need To Hire a PPC Management Expert

In the battle that is the business world, what you need, as a CEO or business owner, is to be assured that your dollars are being put to good use. You want to know that, if you are putting money toward SEO, PPC management companies, or content marketing, you are seeing a return on investment.

We get that. We’re in the same boat, after all. This is why one of our niche services is offering PPC management for our clients.

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Gaining traction on SEO and content marketing can take time – and holding the number one rankings is difficult no matter how skilled your marketing team is. This is why PPC advertising can be such an enormous asset — whether you are just starting out or have been around for years.

PPC advertising has the power to deliver targeted traffic — but it takes technical know-how to do it properly. Even those who have been in the marketing game for years can make mistakes when trying to take on the challenge of Pay Per Click. This is why effective marketing teams hire or outsource an expert PPC analyst to manage accounts and design the ad copy and landing pages.

If you’ve been thinking about setting up your own PPC management services or Google Adwords account, we would recommend that you don’t go at it alone. PPC professionals spend years niching in this field. It takes a great deal of time, knowledge, and understanding of how PPC works in order to properly setup and manage a campaign.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider using a PPC management expert:

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Reason 1: Time Management

Whether you are a CEO or marketing manager, you are likely already wearing more hats than you can count when it comes to running your business.

Adding an enormous project like a PPC campaign to your plate will simply eat more of your time than you have to give.

Running a successful pay-per-click campaign requires regular monitoring, constant tweaking, and ongoing optimization in order to improve performance, and ultimately, ROI.

Some business owners and marketing managers approach PPC hoping that it will be easier and somehow less complicated than SEO. The reality is, you are paying for every click, so you need to be sure that as much of that click-traffic as possible is turning into the right leads and this requires hours of research and deep industry knowledge.

Unless you have several hours each day to continue to research and manage your PPC campaign, then the most efficient tactic is to an expert and save yourself all that time and effort so you can get back to focusing on other tasks.

Reason 2: PPC Keyword Management is Complex

Proper keyword research is essential to the success of your PPC campaign, and it’s something that experts spend extra time on — especially at the beginning with setting up the account. If the wrong keywords are chosen, it will drain the budget without producing the results you need.

While there are many various keyword tools to help with this process, it isn’t as simple as firing up software.

These tools are only that — tools. They are there to assist the process, but they don’t offer a list of keywords that are guaranteed to perform well for your unique business. That is where the skills of a PPC manager are needed. They know that every PPC campaign is different, and that, therefore, a different keyword strategy is necessary for each campaign.

Keyword research is an ongoing process as well. Poorly performing terms will need to be eliminated and profitable new keywords need to be uncovered to really help drive your ROI higher.


Reason 3: It Will Keep You from Wasting Money and Help You be as Efficient as Possible with Your Budget.

It is shockingly easy to waste a lot of money very quickly when working with pay-per-click. Many people just starting out find that they blow through their budget quickly, and at the end of a very expensive month, have virtually no leads or sales to show from it.

When you hire a PPC expert to manage your account, you will be protected from negative keyword issues, ego-bidding, and other expensive errors.

Instead, your budget will be invested wisely, and you’ll see a better ROI that only continues to improve. After all, your PPC manager has only one goal in mind – to make your campaign a sales success. They know which keywords and ad formats are going to be most beneficial for your business.

Reason 4: Poor Ad Copy Can Ruin a Campaign Before it Even Gets Going

Getting a list of great keywords isn’t all it takes to be successful. Writing compelling ad copy is one of the most important parts of the PPC campaign. Use poor copy, and you won’t get nearly the results you should. Your ads have to attract clicks, otherwise your campaign is doomed.

Writing great ad copy isn’t as easy as it may sound, either. The space given for ad copy is alarmingly small, meaning each ad has to be short, sweet, and just right to entice a click. The right copy can elevate your campaign’s click-through rate and net you more conversions. Bad copy will waste your money and your time.

Reason 5: PPC and Google Adwords Settings are Complex

There are many account settings that will need to be adjusted in order to maximize your campaign and get maximum exposure.

For example, the right geographic settings can help you to target a specific part of the country. Many account managers who are new to PPC mistakenly target the wrong area or the whole nation instead of their local area, wasting lots of money — very quickly.

There’s nothing worse than finding out that all that traffic you just paid for was from another state – or another country. If you are a business that is built from local customers, well…then you just lost a lot of your budget for getting more local business.

But those aren’t the only settings that can get your campaign in a bind, or launch it to a higher level of success.

Should you set up different ad groups for each keyword? Should you opt-in to partner/affiliate networks, and, if so, should you bid the same as the search network? If you choose the partner networks, should you filter out some specific sites?

There are many settings that will have to be properly configured in order to ensure a successful PPC campaign. These are key areas that need to be expertly handled.


Reason 6: A PPC Expert Knows How to Create a Strategy

A good PPC manager doesn’t just go through the motions of keyword research and account set up. Instead, they create a comprehensive campaign with set goals, scheduled analysis, and regular meetings to let you know how things are going.

They get to know your buyer persona, and do all the keyword research. Since their focus is PPC, they know it inside and out, and they have developed an acute knowledge for managing campaigns — something that you yourself may not have the time or know-how to do.

Reason 7: Tracking and Campaign Management Requires Technical Expertise

Every successful PPC campaign must be able to track, analyze, and iterate on their sales and successes. Where are your sales coming from? Which placements and keywords are bringing  in the most conversions?

These are analysis questions that must be answered. Tracking code isn’t easy, either, and it requires at least some basic HTML knowledge. Tracking leads and sales from phone calls will also require some additional expertise.

A PPC manager must be highly experienced in the analysis strategies that are needed to determine the success and ongoing improvement of a campaign. Thankfully, their experience across multiple clients and countless campaigns has given them the experience they need to get you a positive ROI much sooner.


Reason 8: Experience Will Protect You From Click Fraud

Did you just wonder, “What is click fraud?” It’s important to know how to monitor for click fraud with your accounts. You can expect that there will always be some amount of click fraud going on. But this can be hard to spot – sometimes it isn’t click fraud at all, just auto-generated clicks to your ads from a bot trying to spider your site for some reason.

How can you tell? Well, you likely can’t. But a good PPC expert will be able to. They’ll be able to watch your stats and log files on suspicious activity, reporting click fraud to the search engine and requesting a refund.

This kind of protection to your campaign is invaluable — saving you money and protecting your account. If you aren’t an analytical person or don’t have some technical expertise in this area, then it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Reason 9: They Keep Up With All The Latest Industry Trends and Updates

In the marketing world, things are always changing. The same is true for PPC. All good experts stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in their field. Whether this is by reading online news, continuing education, or attending trade shows, your PPC expert is constantly evaluating new ways to improve your campaign. Because this is his realm of expertise, he has a good feel for what will work, as well as what changes won’t help you out.

Naturally, all this research takes time. If you don’t have it to give, then a PPC expert will be your most best option.


Reason 10: You Can Also Get the Knowledge and Backing of an SEO Expert

At PPC Management, we don’t just offer our clients PPC management. We also have an SEO team with years of experience that can lend their expertise to our PPC manager. The additional benefit of their insight and input can help make PPC campaigns, and the website as a whole, function more beneficially, thus increasing ROI. Because of this, the PPC manager will also have an understanding of how SEO and PPC can function together to create a stronger marketing strategy as a whole.

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